Thursday, 23 February 2017

The Evolution of Human Consciousness

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See how you resonate with the 16 characteristics of this evolved level of human consciousness, as described by Ervin Laszlo…

1. I am part of the world. The world is not outside of me, and I am not outside of the world. The world is in me, and I am in the world.

2. I am part of nature, and nature is part of me. I am what I am in my communication and communion with all living things. I am an irreducible and coherent whole with the web of life on the planet.

3. I am part of society, and society is part of me. I am what I am in my communication and communion with my fellow humans. I am an irreducible and coherent whole with the community of humans on the planet.

4. I am more than a skin-and-bone material organism: my body, and its cells and organs are manifestations of what is truly me: a self-sustaining, self-evolving dynamic system arising, persisting and evolving in interaction with everything around me.

5. I am [an] evolved manifestation of the drive toward coherence and wholeness in the universe. It is the same essence, the same spirit that is inherent in all the things that arise and evolve in nature, whether on this planet or elsewhere in the infinite reaches of space and time.

6. There are no absolute boundaries and divisions in this world, only transition points where one set of relations yields prevalence to another. In me, in this self-maintaining and self-evolving coherence- and wholeness-oriented system, the relations that integrate the cells and organs of my body are prevalent.

7. The separate identity I attach to other humans and other things is but a convenient convention that facilitates my interaction with them. My family and my community are just as much “me” as the organs of my body. My body and mind, my family and my community, are interacting and interpenetrating, variously prevalent elements in the network of relations that encompasses all things in nature and the human world.

8. The whole gamut of concepts and ideas that separates my identity, or the identity of any person or community, from the identity of other persons and communities are manifestations of this convenient but arbitrary convention. There are no “others” in the world: We are all living systems and we are all part of each other.

9. Attempting to maintain the system I know as “me” through ruthless competition with the system I know as “you” is a grave mistake: It could damage the integrity of the embracing whole that frames both your life and mine. I cannot preserve my own life and wholeness by damaging that whole, even if damaging a part of it seems to bring me short-term advantage. When I harm you, or anyone else around me, I harm myself.

10. Collaboration, not competition, is the royal road to the wholeness that hallmarks healthy systems in the world. Collaboration calls for empathy and solidarity, and ultimately for love. We are part of the same whole and so are part of each other.

11. The idea of “self-defense,” even of “national defense,” needs to be rethought. Patriotism if it aims to eliminate adversaries by force, and heroism even in the well-meaning execution of that aim, are mistaken aspirations. Comprehension, conciliation and forgiveness are not signs of weakness; they are signs of courage.

12. “The good” for me and for every person in the world is not the possession and accumulation of personal wealth. Wealth, in money or in any material resource, is but a means for maintaining myself in my environment. Exclusive wealth is a threat to all people in the human community.

13. Beyond the sacred whole we recognize as the world in its totality, only life and its development have what philosophers call intrinsic value; all other things have merely instrumental value: value insofar as they add to or enhance intrinsic value. Material things in the world, and the energies and substances they harbor or generate, have value only if and insofar they contribute to life and well-being in the web of life on this Earth.

14. The true measure of my accomplishment and excellence is my readiness to give. Not the amount of what I give is the measure of my accomplishment and excellence, but the relation between what I give, and what my family and I need to live and to thrive.

15. Every healthy person has pleasure in giving: It is a higher pleasure than having. I am healthy and whole when I value giving over having. Sharing enhances the community of life, while possessing and accumulating creates demarcation, invites competition, and fuels envy. The share-society is the norm for all the communities of life on the planet; the have-society is typical only of modern-day humanity, and it is an aberration.

16. I recognize the aberration of modern-day humanity from the universal norm of coherence in the world, acknowledge my role in having perpetrated it, and pledge my commitment to restoring wholeness and coherence by becoming whole myself: whole in my thinking and acting — in my consciousness.

If you had an “aha experience” while reading even just one of these ideas, you have the foundations of Akashic [Unity] consciousness. And if you had this experience all the way through, you already possess this crucial consciousness.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Living in the Now

By Neven Paar 


As you are born, so will you die. In this process, the duality of human existence, its inevitability, the Ego is formed and acts as a sense-based intelligence, a protector of the physical body, a survival mechanism that you associate with who you are or who you think you are — your identity, the Self. Because it deludes you into thinking that you are It, the Ego plays an important part in the maturation process and the establishment of consciousness.

As something that belongs to duality, the Ego becomes the localization of your consciousness in the body and as the silent observer of the processes of the mind, you notice that the Ego has a distinct way of operating: It thinks in terms of Past and Future. The past is your interpretation of events, a summary of willful actions and behaviors — things that you were a part of or that happened. 

The Ego uses the past to make decisions about the future. It uses logic and emotion to make these decisions. In most cases, your decisions are not premeditated, but are a result of how the Ego feels at any given moment. Nevertheless, your decisions are invariably the result of memories dredged up from past. This is how the Ego operates — using the past to plan future events. 

By creating a myth-image around the name you are given as well as your personality, likes, and dislikes, the Ego takes care of the physical body and props up your persona. It seeks to protect the Self and shield it from the perceived wrongs that occur as a result of contact with other people's Egos as well as the situations you face. It is always on the defensive and it views the Self as separate from the rest of the world. Many people never get beyond associating the Ego with the Self; the ego becomes the persona and must be bolstered and defended at all costs.

However, if you disassociate yourself from the Ego, upon proper introspection you will discover another part of yourself, namely a silent witness whose role is to watch the mental processes of the Ego and your reactions to the events of daily life. This part of the Self, the Higher Self, is motivated by another faculty of the Self — Love.

The Super Ego

Motivated by the Unity of all things and manifested by a feeling that you are no longer separate from the rest of the World, the faculty of Love is triggered by thinking beyond the Self or the Ego. An Ideal, something to strive for and live up to, it vibrates at a higher frequency than the Ego and, when experienced, produces an emotion that feels better than any emotion the Ego generates.

You are an emotional human being whose overall purpose is to be "happy." When you are able to lose yourself in this emotion of Unconditional Love, you will find it greater than the Ego's insatiable appetite for Self-Love. 

You are naturally conditioned to follow what "feels best." Once you realize that Unconditional Love can be the guiding force in your life, you function out of Unconditional Love rather than the Self-Love needs of the Ego. This in turn raises your consciousness beyond the physical plane. You start to develop virtuous characteristics and your behavior begins to be ethical and moral, a quality that is valued in our society and a willful choice for you to aspire to. 

Acting ethically allows you to "live in the Now," a state experienced more as an emotion than as a thought. The Ego is still present; the Ego is always present, but is mostly silenced by living in the Now. When things happen to you, the Ego will "rear its head" and try to guide you. But if you identify the source of this "guidance" as originating from the past Ego-imprints, you realize it is coming from the Ego and you will reject it. 

Acting from Unconditional Love is something that occurs intuitively and connects you to your Spirit. Because you can "lose yourself" in it, you tend to act under its influence. By losing yourself in the "in-the-moment process," you gravitate towards things that make you lose track of time and space.

The mind thinks in terms of past and future. Going beyond your mind means overcoming past and future thoughts and influences. It seems almost natural. And it is. Because in the Now, in the realm beyond Past and Future, beyond the Ego, is the Spirit. 

Being in the Now
The Now
This Spirit is the highest part of you as a human being. You are not just Spirit, but a compilation of different elements. Spirit is the highest part of you and you gravitate naturally towards that which is highest in you. It is a natural inclination.

A Kundalini awakening is a transformative experience that plays out over many years in most instances. The Self goes through a process that deals with the expansion of bio-energy and consciousness. Its goal is to catapult the Self into the Now permanently. The mind is bypassed and instead of thinking logically and emotionally, the Self starts to develop an ability to think intuitively and act according to what the Spirit, the highest part of you, wills. 

This is what is meant when people talk about being one with their Holy Guardian Angel. According to Qabalistic teachings, the Holy Guardian Angel is the part of the Self derived from the Spirit. For human beings, it is the highest conception of God that can be conceived from a material standpoint.

Kundalini acts like a switch implanted within the Self by a higher Source that allows us to evolve past the material, physical world in a relatively small amount of time. It is the Great Awakening, the Rebirth from the Christian Pantheon, and the purpose of all religion. 

Because the Now is a place of pure potential, being one with Spirit, allows you to function at your highest potential. In this Pure Potential, all of your highest dreams and desires can come true because you are able to will them into existence. Past conditioning has no hold on people who live in the Now, especially those who have awakened kundalini. They operate at a hyper-consciousness level, which puts them in touch with Cosmic Consciousness.

Cosmic Consciousness
Cosmic Consciousness
Once the kundalini has activated and the circuit is functioning properly with the connection to the Bindu point at the top back of the head, consciousness funnels out of this point and the initiate experiences the spiritual realm of non-duality. By focusing on this point, all thoughts and emotions are self-reconciled and the initiate experiences pure joy and unobstructed inspiration. That means being in a state of inspiration 24/7 since this fire is unhindered by the workings of the Ego which houses the duality of the mind. Hence by realizing non-duality, the initiate is constantly in the Now and experiences the power of pure consciousness and potential.

With the self-sustaining Kundalini energy now working in you, a whole new world of potential opens up. No task is too hard, no dream is too big, no obstacle can prevent success in any given area of life that you will into existence. By being in the Now, the concept of Will Power, which is your ability to manifest reality, is enhanced a hundred fold. The energy moves towards the Bindu at the top back of the head and you lose yourself in transcendental states through music or art or other awareness observing exercises.

The feeling that is generated is best described as the "Glory of God" alluded to by Jesus Christ and is the exact state he was talking about when referring to the Kingdom of Heaven. This is due to the rapture that is felt in the heart as the self-sustaining Kundalini circuit becomes fully active. Every action makes you feel as if you’re the star in an Epic movie. You are truly a King; the external world is your Kingdom. As a silent observer, you are outside your being, able to control body language and voice tonality and able to convey the desired effect to the people you interact with. The secret to being, and remaining, in this state, or in the "zone," is to be in the Now.

The Kybalion
is a book written in 1908 by the Three Initiates, which to this day stands as one of the greatest, if not the greatest work on Hermeticism. The reason for its power is that it elucidates the Laws of Creation, which are seven in number, and which when applied, serve as a manual to living as a spiritual being on this planet. 

Although compiled by the Three Initiates, its origin is attributed to none other than Hermes Trismegistus, the forefather of all Western spiritual, religious, philosophical, and occult thought. Still revered and respected by all seekers of truth who come across it, this esoteric book has stood the test of time. It is timeless in essence, because the Laws of Creation are timeless and eternal. 

Studying The Kybalion and applying its Laws in my daily life bestowed on me the grace of a full kundalini awakening 12 years ago. Although its wisdom is immense, this article focuses on the specific teachings related to "Being in the Now" and mental transmutation, Laws that govern Creation, which when properly understood and applied, provide the master key to rising above the Ego. We can become demi-gods in relation to those who are unaware of these Laws and who are used by them instead of using them consciously.

The Kybalion is a guide on how to function in and relate to this world. Free copies are available on the internet. Like me, you'll probably read and reread it many times because it sheds light on many occult, spiritual, philosophical and religious truths, and these Seven Laws of Creation are in essence the very source and foundation of everything.

One must grasp the concept and ultimate truth that "The All," which is the Universe, is a mental construct and it can be changed by altering thoughts and beliefs about it and ourselves. By saying mental what I mean is that our minds are the connecting link between Spirit and Matter and all of the planes of existence between the two. So what you think about determines the kind of reality you live in. 

There are many planes of existence, but four primarily for humans: the physical plane, the astral plane, the mental plane, and the spiritual plane. And by using the mind, and our willpower and imagination, we are able to traverse those planes and alter our concept of reality to an unimaginable degree.

Mental transmutation is the art and practice of changing our own moods and mental states into their opposites as well as inducing others through thought induction to do the same. We all communicate telepathically, even though we are unaware of it most of the time. Our thoughts influence others on a subconscious level. Therefore, mental transmutation is the art of consciously changing the vibrational frequency of our own thoughts and feelings as well as those of other people.

The first and most important Law, upon which all other Laws are built, is "The All is Mind, the Universe is Mental." Without this first Law, none of the other aspects of these teachings are possible since the first Law is the master key to unlocking the power of our minds and to using them to shape our reality. The first Law goes hand in hand with the second Law which states, "As Above, So Below," which means there are planes of existence occupying the same space and time that overlap one another. Consciously managing your life from the higher planes allows you to control and rule the lower planes.

The First Law
The All is Mind, the Universe is Mental
In order to ascend from the Lower to the Higher Planes, you must understand and accept that there is a Higher Self as well as an Ego, i.e., the two aspects of Self existing at the same time inside each and every one of us. And learning to consciously disassociate from the Ego gives you the power to align with the Higher Self and change your moods and states as well as those of others. 

The Ego exists in the mind only and has no place in the "Now." It relates to the world through duality and shapes our personalities. It likes and dislikes things, and it perceives reality through the lens of opposites. In The Kybalion, it is part of the Law of Polarity which states that everything in the Universe has an opposite. The opposite of the Ego is the Higher Self or the Spirit. Consciousness oscillates between the two and we decide through attention and awareness whether we are going to align with the Ego or with the Spirit at every given moment in time.

The Ego exists as a result of past conditioning and our interpretation of life events. Over time, since our birth, we interpret life events through either a positive or negative lens. This is the way we build up our Ego. By interpreting through the perspective of duality, our Ego becomes locked to the wheel of Karma and learns to unify ideas and concepts throughout life.

The Higher Self operates through love, inspiration, and exists ONLY in the Now. It is non-dual, it has no likes and dislikes, no personality, but is the part of us that is our character. This is our Spiritual Self. Therefore, to experience the Now, you will experience the Higher or "God" Self. Both Ego and Higher Self exist simultaneously and we tune into each by listening to the thoughts they whisper to us. 
The Higher Self is in the spiritual plane and, compared to the Ego, is the dominant part of the Self. The Ego exists on the mental and astral planes and cannot reach into the Spiritual plane. The Ego also filters into the physical plane since its modus operandi is self-sustenance, self-preservation, and survival of the physical body. It seeks to protect itself and individualize while the Higher Self finds unity within all things. In the physical body, both the Ego and Higher Self are found and we partake equally of each. 

Each moment in time, we are given a choice which one we will listen to and obey. The Spirit is literally our body double, our Doppelgänger, occupying the same space and time just at a different frequency so it is imperceptible to our senses. Twelve years ago, the realization of this fact induced a kundalini awakening.

We are made in the image of our Creator; we create through thoughts, through our minds. Imagination is the highest aspect of the Self. It is for all intents and purposes, God or the Creator. The difference between consciousness of man and of God is a matter of degreenothing more. The Creation and dream of God is the Universe, while being made in God's image we are given the ability to dream and imagine things. This is what makes us "as God." The way in which we both create.

"As man thinketh, so he is." This old saying is as true now as it was hundreds of years ago when it was spoken by Greek philosophers. What you think about determines what kind of reality you live in. Knowing this, you can deduce that if you can control your mind and what you think about, you can control the experience of living on this planet. Thoughts induce energy all around us, and once you learn to control your thoughts and raise your own vibrations through the use of your Willpower, you will have a degree of control over your own reality that is otherwise impossible.

There is a fourth dimension, called the dimension of vibration. The Kybalion states, "Nothing rests, everything moves. Everything vibrates." The difference between Spirit and matter is only a difference in vibration. Matter vibrates at such a low density that it is visible to the human eye, since it also is comprised of matter. But spirit vibrates at a higher frequency, invisible to the naked eye, but very present and real. We experience it through the sixth sense the Mind's Eye.

A kundalini awakening is an awakening to this dimension of vibration. The dimension of vibration is the dimension of energy. Apply this concept now to thoughts and you will have the master key to controlling your vibration frequency. Using your Willpower, you can control the vibration of your thoughts and thoughts of others. To change your vibration and your emotion, you have to apply your Fire/Spirit aspect and focus your attention. It works by meditating or holding your attention consciously on an idea or archetype in order to affect the emotional aspect of Self and change it. Emotion is passive; it receives impulses from Willpower, or by lack of Willpower. It can be transmuted by other people's Willpower. 

If you are not consciously in charge of your reality, other people are. This is why the strong people of the world are stubborn and only listen to themselves. Because to do otherwise is to put your reality into other people's hands. These Laws are kept secret by the people in power because if the truth was out about how reality is shaped, those in power would no longer have any power over others. Being able to apply the Law of Vibration is the scepter of power for complete control over your life. Let those with ears of understanding hear this ancient wisdom. This is mental transmutation. And it is as real as your and my flesh and blood. All one has to do is apply the Laws consciously and with intent.

The Kybalion states, "To change your mood or mental state, change your vibration." Every thought has an opposite. Love has hate. Up has down. Truth has lies. Fear has courage. And so on. And since we live in a world of duality, we can change all emotions into their opposites. Now love cannot be changed to courage. And fear cannot be changed to lies. One can only change emotions into their own opposites. Hence, hate can be changed to love. Fear to courage. Weakness to strength. And so on.
Yin Yang
A fearful person can spend all of his life overshadowed by fear and he will not achieve anything. Since focusing on one thing means amplifying it in the mind, it doesn’t matter if you are thinking, "Don’t focus on fear, don't focus on fear." You are still thinking about fear.

But if you focus on its opposite, and hold your attention on courage for a time, you will raise your fearful vibrations into courage, and prevail. But to accomplish this successfully, you must first have an idea of how to enter the "Now" since the "Now" is the place of pure potential where mental transmutation becomes possible.

The Willpower is the Fire element in us. It is the Spirit Self. By applying Willpower to accomplish anything, you are being in touch with your Spirit. The Spirit works through Fire which in turn affects the Water element. The Water element is the memory through which the Ego is formed. It belongs to the past and plans the future, as are all operations which include the Ego. Memory is the water element, it is changeable and unfixed. And it is moved by the Moon since the Moon is the regulator of emotions. This is Hermeticism — understanding of the Universe in a logical and practical way. Hermetic Science is the true science of who we are. It is the Source from which all religion originated. 

Spirit and Fire can always act on Water and Water can drown out Fire, but cannot touch Spirit. In other words, the Ego cannot affect your Spirit, but if you associate only with the Ego, you will forget you even have a Spirit. Willpower is the conscious application of the Spirit through the Fire element. So when we talk about Willpower, it means applying our Spirit and Fire element to change our Water element, our impression of who we think we are, and the reality around us. Fire is regulated and controlled by the Sun. It is light, it is Spirit. It is the First Source, the Father, as the Moon is the Second Source, and the Mother. But these opposites need one another to exist. We, humans, are in the middle of it all.

There is a gap between thoughts and since the Ego is always active and always talking. Quieting the Ego means filling this gap. This can be done willfully because the principle of Willpower is higher in degree than automatic chatter of the Ego. The mind is like a muscle, and the more you work on it, the stronger it gets and it becomes easier to induce silence at will.

The Home of the Awakened Mind

In this gap between thoughts, exists the Now a rapturous state in which to lose yourself for a time, until you are once again conscious of the Ego's thoughts. Depending on how strong your Willpower is, this may last a short or long while. The key is awareness and attention. Focus your attention on silencing the mind which, in turn, raises your awareness. In the Now, you can alter your reality through mental transmutation and realize your highest potential since the Now is a place of pure unlimited potential where anything becomes possible.

This means that if you wanted to become an artist, a musician, or a famous actor or politician, it is a very real possibility. But you must first forget who you think you are, your limitations, and learn to access the "Now" so that you can squeeze the juice of pure potential from it and remake yourself. You must believe this is possible, because it is. Your power of belief is the springboard to making it real. If these are just mere words for you, you will accomplish nothing. Such is The Kybalion. It is "strong meat for men," while the masses are fed "milk for babes." Rule or be ruled.

This is the Matrix. And you are a hero of your own story, although you probably don't know it yet. You are given the ability to dream as well as the power to accomplish those dreams. But if you listen to the Ego that tells you you cannot do something then you will be right, you cannot. If you listen to the Spirit that tells you you can be anything you want to be, again you will be right. The choice is always yours. Such is the Law.


Sunday, 29 January 2017

Da Vinci Decoded and 7 Steps to Genius

By Vanessa Van Edwards

What do geniuses do differently?
Do they have a unique morning routine? Interesting daily rituals?
To answer these questions, let us turn to one of the most brilliant minds in history: Leonardo da Vinci.
You might know Da Vinci as an artist, but he was also an architect, scientist, musician, mathematician, inventor, anatomist, geologist, astronomer, cartographer, botanist, historian and writer. He didn’t just excel in one area, but rather he flourished across disciplines and created concepts that have lasted for centuries. Da Vinci had a very specific approach to life that anyone can learn. In this post, I will show you how:
You can develop your essential elements of genius.
Michael J. Gelb excavated Da Vinci’s notebooks, writings and creations to figure out how he thought and lived differently. He found:

The 7 Da Vincian Principles

how to think like leonardo da vinci book summary, michael gelb book summary, how to think like leonardo da vinci michael gelb book overview, how to think like leonardo da vinci book summaryI chose How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci for our Science of People book club because I thought it was a fascinating look into the daily habits of a genius. Gelb explores how Da Vinci approached life and, most importantly, lays it out for readers in a practical framework for self-improvement.
If you didn’t get a chance to read the book–which I highly recommend since it is filled with Da Vinci’s original drawings and illustrations, I have outlined the 7 Da Vincian Principles for you here:

#1: Curiosità

Curiosita is an insatiably curious approach to life and unrelenting quest for continuous learning.
Da Vinci is not the only one who embodied a seemingly infinite supply of curiosity. Many of history’s great inventors and leaders had the desire to unlock the mysteries of life. If you’re like me, this one seems fairly obvious and something you already know is important. So, I think about curiosity in 2 basic questions:
  1. What if?
  2. How come?
I know I am embracing curiosity if I ask myself these 2 questions multiple times each day.
What If: Asks your brain to project into the future. It helps you see opportunities where you might have missed them, it helps you make connections and it is a sneaky way to get your brain more goal-oriented. What if I started a conversation with this person? What if I tried this new activity? What if I started that new workout program? What comes after ‘what if…’ is typically magical.
How Come: How come gets you into ‘why’. Instead of passively observing the world or going into automatic responses, ‘how come’ helps you question both your actions and other’s motives. I believe this question keeps me honest and alert. It forces me to live more purposefully. Da Vinci didn’t waste a second of his life. He was always creating and guessing and tinkering. ‘How come’ helps you use every second of your life with a mission.
Here are some ways you can capture more Curiosita:
  • A Hundred Questions: Write down 100 questions that are important to you. These could be questions you wish to answer yourself such as, “What is my purpose?” or “What is the meaning of life?” or questions you want to know about everyone you meet like, “What is your passion? or “What makes you happy?” This is the ultimate ‘what if’ and ‘how come’ exercise.
  • Ten Power Questions: After you have brainstormed a list of 100 questions, select the 10 that have the most powerful impact when you read them. Which ones spark a feeling of motivation or achievement? These are your catalyst questions. For example:
    • When am I most naturally myself?
    • What is my greatest talent?
    • What is my heart’s deepest desire?
  • Daily Themes: Da Vinci was an avid writer and note taker. He had a journal everywhere he went. I have a journal at my desk AND at my bed to take notes when all kinds of ideas pop into my head. Carry a journal with you everywhere and write down your ideas and observations. Each day, choose a theme or word. You can do this at the beginning of the day to set the intention or at the end of the day as a cool down or wrap-up.

#2: Dimostrazione

Dimostrazione is a commitment to test knowledge through experience, persistence and a willingness to learn from mistakes.
I love this principle, because it is empowering. Dimostrazione is the embodiment of taking your life into your own hands. This principle tells us:
Test every idea.
Don’t take anything for granted.
Experience life first hand.
I believe life should be an experiment. That we should have a series of amazing hypotheses every day, and we should be testing them. A hypothesis consists of a 2 part statement:
If…, then…
For example, if I take this personal development class, then I hope to be happier. Or as small as if I reorganize my closet, then it will be easier to get ready in the morning. The ‘If…, then…’ exercise puts you into opportunity-hunting mindset, so you are always looking for and testing solutions.
Here are some ways you can capture more Dimostrazione:
  • Find Your Greats: You have probably heard of all the most popular artists and authors, but who are your favorites? Set out to find your greats. Don’t take anyone else’s word for it. Start your own search for the artists, classical musicians or writers that inspire you. Go to a museum and look at the paintings without glancing at the names.
  • Be Devil’s Advocate: Try playing devil’s advocate against yourself. Try making the strongest possible argument against one of your own beliefs just for the mental exercise. Write at least 3 points against yourself.

#3: Sensazione

Sensazione is the continual refinement of the senses, especially sight, as the means to enliven experience.
Fill in the blank:
___is so beautiful.
I love the way _____ smells.
What a lovely _____.
I adore the feeling of ____ on my skin.
The sound of ____ is music to my ears.
We forget to savor and sensualize our experiences. We have all heard ‘stop and smell the roses,’ but when was the last time you actually stopped and smelled the roses? Sure, literal roses, but also metaphorical roses. When was the last time you stopped to savor an experience? Da Vinci was incredibly inspired by the world around him and the more he honed his senses, the more heightened his genius became.
Here are some ways you can capture more Sensazione:
  • A Sense a Day: Plan out 5 experiences in the next few months where you practice honoring each of your senses.
    • For smell, go to the local botanical gardens, make your own perfume or cologne and learn to recognize herbs by their scent at the local grocery store.
    • For taste, (this one is easy!) eat a bunch of your favorite foods and try one new cuisine. Figure out your favorite spice.
    • For sight, go to your local museum, then hike to a vista or view point and learn some new photography techniques.
    • For touch, go to your local animal shelter and volunteer petting pups and kitties. Go through your closet and organize it by fabric. Go shopping and try to buy one new fabric you have never owned before — suede? Velvet? Flannel?
    • For hearing, go to a concert, stop by your local music store and try to play an instrument you have never heard before. If you are really ambitious, try to learn bird mating calls or spend some time trying to draw sound. For example, if you had to draw the sound of a trumpet, how would you do it? (mine looks like a messy swirl).

#4: Sfumato

Sfumato is a willingness to embrace ambiguity, paradox, and uncertainty. Da Vinci had a very unique ability to understand the extreme opposites of opinions and phenomenon. He was also able to explore unknowns and revel in the uncertainty. Most of us are uncomfortable with not knowing or unanswerable questions, so we avoid anything out of our control. We stick to what we know and immediately do a Google search the moment we don’t know something.
A Story:
The other day, I was hiking with some friends in Columbia Gorge (one of the most beautiful places in the world) and we began passing all of these old wagons–like really, really old wagons. Now, I live in Oregon very close to the end of the Oregon Trail where Lewis and Clark explored, so we started to wonder if the wagons were somehow connected to the Oregon Trail. The more wagons we passed, the more perplexed we got. We had no service where we were hiking, so we couldn’t just whip out our phones and consult Google. This began to drive us crazy. We are so used to knowing things or being able to figure things out almost instantly, that it was driving us nuts to not know. But a cool thing happened. We started to brainstorm all of the different reasons that all of these wagons were on the trail–a massive flood carried them across the plains, a wagon cult lived in the woods nearby, etc. And that was a really hilarious and fun exercise. It reminded me of the Sfumato principle that not knowing is actually the best mental activity. You search, you think, you create.
*We eventually Googled it and found out we had stumbled upon a 1900 wagon trail that used to transport apples.
Here are some ways you can capture more Sfumato:
  • Stop Googling: For the next week, anytime you need to look up a word or trivia fact, try to guess the answer instead. You can phone a friend for help as well, as long as they brainstorm with you too!
  • Embrace Your Ambiguity: List some situations from your life where you are confused or feel ambiguous about an outcome and explore the feelings that come up.
  • Cultivate Confusion Endurance: Tap into your own paradoxes by asking questions like, “How are my strengths and weaknesses related?” or “What is the relationship between my saddest moments and the most joyful ones?”

#5: Arte/Scienza

Arte/scienza is the development of the balance between science and art, logic and imagination.
Although Da Vinci wasn’t around for the research on right and left brain thinking, this concept speaks directly to the idea of whole brain thinking. Mark the statements that sound like you:
Right Brained:
___ I like details
___ I am almost always on time
___ I rely on logic
___ I am skilled at math
___ I am organized and disciplined
___ I like lists
Left Brained:
___  I am highly imaginative
___ I am good at brainstorming
___ I love to doodle
___ I often say or do the unexpected
___ I rely on intuition
___I often lose track of time
Which one had more statements that you agreed with? Were you balanced? Da Vinci was a big believer in using both parts of your brain. He did this in his notebooks by tying ideas with drawings. Specifically, he was the original mind-mapper. Here is a cool overview on mindmapping:
Here are some ways you can capture more Arte/scienza:
  • Warm-up by mind-mapping the main ideas in your favorite TED Talk. Here are my favorites:
Amy Cuddy:
Cameron Russel:
  • Create a mind map of your life: Have you ever thought about how the different parts of your life are connected? Make a mind map of your major life moments and how they are connected.
  • Here is a pretty cool mind map of the book:
Leonardo Da Vinci Mind Map

#6: Corporalitá

Corporalita is the cultivation of grace, ambidexterity, fitness and poise. Da Vinci was incredibly athletic in addition to his mental prowess. From early on, he realized that if he wanted his mind to perform at optimal levels, his body also had to be in top shape.
I couldn’t agree with this more. If I have a bad night’s sleep, my work suffers. If I don’t eat well, my energy slows. If I don’t get enough movement, my back kills me.
Here are some ways you can capture more Corporalita:
  • Learn the Science of Eating: I did a whole post on the science of eating on some really easy ways to make your food intake more purposeful.
  • Get on a Sleep Schedule: Everyone has different sleep needs and different sleep rhythms. For the next week, track your sleep times and hours and see which days you have the most energy. Are you a night worker? A morning person? Learn your cycles and then honor them by building a sleep routine.
  • Cultivate Ambidexterity: Da Vinci used both his right and left hands as he worked. You can do this by trying to brush your teeth with your non dominant hand or get a really patient person to play a game of pool, tennis or catch where you switch hands!

#7: Connessione

Connessione is a recognition of and appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things and phenomena.
I think this is one of the most complex and interesting Da Vincian principles. It has to do with something called ‘systems thinking’. Systems thinking is when you are able to take vast amounts of information and create routines, lists and organization. It also has to do with pattern recognition. I LOVE connessione. As many of you know, I have a number of courses and books–my favorite part of the curriculum creation process is taking huge amounts of research and condensing it down into an outline. I also love hunting for patterns. In our human behavior research lab, I am constantly looking for patterns in body language, thinking and relationships. For example:
  • In my School of Happiness course, I had 128 pages of research and notes to condense into a 10 week program.
  • For my Master Your People Skills course, we had over 7,000 people take our body language and personality surveys. We had to pour over the data to find patterns to make the course.
  • For our next book, I will be using 9 years of research, over 2,400 studies and 356 in-depth interviews!
When you can create systems and recognize patterns in your life, you are able to cultivate true genius.
Here are some ways you can capture more Connessione:
  • What’s Your Book Outline? If you had to create a table of contents for a book about your life, what would it be if you couldn’t make it chronological?
  • 3 Objects: Pick 3 random objects in your house. If you had to find connections between them, what would they be? For example, I chose my blender, my garage clicker and a bottle of nail polish. Can you think of three connections? I thought: With all three of these things, the faster they work, the better. The faster the blender, the better the smoothie, the faster the garage door opens, the faster I get home and the faster my polish dries, the less risk there is of my mushing up my toe nails. This is a great one to play with kids!

Bonus: Felicità

Felicità is the cultivation of deep joy, happiness and life fulfillment.
Looking over Da Vinci’s masterpieces, inventions and works of genius, I couldn’t help but think about his happiness levels. Did his genius fulfill him? Does an active mind mean an active heart? I have been studying the science of happiness in our labs and I think joy is an essential part of genius.
Do you know what makes you happy? Science has a lot to tell us about how our happiness works. I want to teach you the science and psychology of happiness:
  • Wake-up excited
  • How to prevent funks and mood swings
  • Leverage your unique talents and skills that drive you
  • Implement an action plan for enduring happiness and fulfillment

davinci decodeDaVinci Decoded - Discovering the spiritual secrets of Leonardo's seven principles’ by Michael J. Gelb
Leonardo DaVinci was unquestionably a genius. In this book, Gelb captures the very essence of DaVinci’s life – the seemingly perfect integration of mind, body, spirit and soul. He characterizes the life of DaVinci in seven key spiritual principles. As I read these principles, they described to me the meta-program of DaVinci and provided an excellent insight into his work and his mind. In summary these principles are,

1. Seek the Truth An insatiably curious approach to life and an unrelenting quest for continuous learning. DaVinci may have been the most curious person who ever lived.

2. Take Responsibility A commitment to test knowledge through experience, persistence, and a willingness to learn from mistakes. By rejecting dogma and superstition, DaVinci took responsibility for his own search, his own actions, his own growth, and well-being.

3. Sharpen Awareness the continuous refinement of the senses, especially sight, as the means to enliven experience. He describes the five senses as the ‘ministers of the soul’.

4. Engage the Shadows A willingness to embrace ambiguity, paradox and uncertainty. To truly understand ‘good’, one must understand ‘evil’. This quest led him literally and figuratively to understand darkness.

5. Cultivate Balance The balance of left and right brain thinking, culminating in whole brain thinking. His persona and work express more than just a balance between logic and imagination, science and art; they represent the essential balance of the masculine and feminine principles in creation.

6. Nurture Integration The integration of mind and body through the cultivation of grace, ambidexterity, fitness and poise. His outstanding physical gifts and remarkable understanding of anatomy, healing, and wellness were an expression of his integration of body, energy, and spirit.

7. Practice Love The recognition of the interconnectedness of all things and phenomena; systems thinking. He knew that everything connected to everything else.

Even though the principles may not exactly fit into the meta model described within NLP, I think they clearly explain the patterns of the genius and provide a practical roadmap for all of us to discover the boundlessness of our own full human potential. The book provides explanations of the principles followed by self-assessments and practice suggestions to develop your potential. An excellent read and well worth the investment.

‘DaVinci Decoded, discovering the spiritual secrets of Leonardo’s seven principles’, is published by Delacorte Press, ISBN 0-385-33861-9
‘Reviewed by Finbarr Sheehy,


Monday, 23 January 2017

13 steps to Paradise

I have been asked (or commissioned) by The Ascended Masters of The White Brotherhood for Planet Earth (see "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?") to put together a program which will see that greater numbers of people will make it into the New Golden Age than are currently expected to make it. The percentage of humans on the Earth at this time who will be able to withstand the much higher frequency of energies at the level to which this planet is moving in a short period of time is very small, and 1% would be an excessively optimistic estimate.

The Masters and Guides of the Human Race have indicated that They are beyond disappointed that those numbers are so small after centuries and centuries of effort on their part to awaken Humanity from its eons of slumbering in the mundane illusion. They have repeatedly incarnated and walked amongst us as the greatest teachers the planet has known, only to be ignored, mocked, and ridiculed and imprisoned, tortured, and slaughtered for their altruistic, compassionate efforts. The Human Race has steadfastly remained mired in a level of consciousness which is incompatible with the level at which this planet will express once the Dimensional Shift has been entirely completed (please look at "The Dimensional Shift of Earth").

The Earth has been at Third Density Level of Reality for 3.2 billion years and is presently on the verge of shifting into the lowermost Dimension of Fourth Density, which is being called the Aquarian Age of Peace and Harmony. Should a human being be forced into that higher level without adequate preparation, it would be too excruciatingly painful for them to exist there, and that is why the Higher Self (or Soul) of each one will remove those who have chosen not to evolve to a higher consciousness, and that removal will be called "death" as the physical body is left behind.

In the period remaining, there is ample time for preparing oneself to be able to remain with the Earth and to move with Her into Fourth Density wherein are learned the lessons of Love. The Dimensional Transformation and all of the Earth Changes have been postponed more than once (from the originally-planned timing in the latter part of the 20th Century) as The Masters have realized that so few humans were going to be able to continue on with the planet after the time/space nexus of the ending of Third Density Reality. The Source which spoke through Edgar Cayce had it all happening during the years of 1958 to 1998 A.D. Then many High Sources of wisdom and spiritual teachings had given the year of 2012 A.D. as the beginning of the New Age on Earth, but it has been delayed even further because of the reason given above -- inadequate number of humans capable of remaining.

It should be said that the postponements will not be made indefinitely, because it has put the entire galaxy of billions of other sentient civilizations on hold in their evolutionary thrust of return to The One Infinite Creator. All of the other Races in this galaxy have made the shift to the next higher level of expression along with The Galactic Being Itself, and this planet is the last and final one to do so. They await and watch the developements here, but this planet and its poorly-evolving Humankind will not be allowed much more time to make its Transition. Those who decline to raise their vibratory nature (and consciousness) will be provided with other Third Density Planetary Spheres to continue their incarnational cycles and lessons but will necessarily be removed from this planet.

Update:   As of December 2010 I was informed that The Planetary Logos of this planet and its Spiritual Hierarchy had made the decision to cancel the postponement and move the Tribulation Period and the Dimensional Shift back closer to the 2012 time-frame because the Dark Forces have made great strides in advancing their agenda here and that the attempt to get greater numbers of humans to a higher vibrational level of being will probably not be worth the losses that were being incurred with regards to Humanity. I was told that the Dark Brotherhood had successfully subverted and reversed many of the plans and programs of The Hierarchy and that far greater numbers of people were siding with the service-to-self polarity (Dark) than with those who serve others (Light). The World Changing Transmutational Shift will not be as far off now as had been planned, and it was intuitively sensed by the channel of the message (my friend, Greg) that the end point for the Piscean Age would probably be 15 to 20 years past 2012 A.D., and that will be preceded by the Tribulation Period of 7 Years.

The following criteria will be the determination of whether or not a person will be able to exist comfortably in the more refined and elevated energies of the Aquarian Age in Fourth Density, and, in fact, they will be essential to that graduation.

1. A more expanded awareness and consciousness of extra-mundane matters, which automatically raises one's frequency of being.

2. A balancing and increased open-ness of all the major chakras in the Aetheric Body of the individual.

3. A centeredness of expression in the Anahata Chakra (Heart Center) by comparison with the vast majority of Humanity, centered in the lower 3 chakras.

4. A strong polarization toward the service-to-others polarity (also called the positive polarity of existence or The Light Forces) by comparison with those who serve the self, either consciously or unconsciously (the negative polarity or Dark Forces).

5. A more open channel to the Higher Self, the Source of one's beingness (called the Soul, the Atman, and the I Am Presence).

So, the 13 Steps toward that Paradise which will reign on the Earth for a very long time are methods and tools which will precisely bring about those criteria above that are essential to delightedly finding oneself in the Golden Age of Love without conditions and Peace without end. These steps are not all-comprehensive, and there are other ways as well for achieving the goals, but if followed consistently and persistently, these 13 Steps should turn into the Stairway to Heaven on Earth.

I. Elimination of All Fear!

I believe that this is the most important one of all. The energy of fear and the emotion of fear is the greatest contributor to the lowering of one's frequency of being. In fact, when in a state of fear and all of its associated emotional states, one is at the lowest state of being. Every single one of the many negative emotions is based upon fear of one thing or another, every single one. Such emotions as grief, sadness, anger, greed, hatred, despondency, depression, self-pity, jealousy, and anxiety are all based upon fear.

It is fear that drags down the Race along with its self-serving interests, and for this reason it is fear that is promoted by the Dark Forces in many ways throughout the world in order to hold the numbers of those who can graduate down to a minimum, because those who serve the self oppose the agendas of those who serve others (The White Brotherhood). The never-ending wars of cruelty and bloodshed, the group rivalries and hatreds, the clash of religions, the slaughter of millions in purges of bloodlust are all instigated by the Dark Ones as promotional campaigns for fear (and very successfully, I might add). Unwittingly, all of the news media serve the interests of those who use fear to dominate and control and enslave.

But there is a countermeasure to the all-pervasive promotion of fear. All of the emotions are under the control of the mind and the will. The personality chooses the emotion that is going to be expressed, so simply choose not to express or even feel any of the negative emotions which are based on fear. All information, all events, all interactions are entirely neutral, and each person chooses first of all if there is to be an emotional response to them and secondly what that emotional response will be. The personality is in charge of all emotions, not the other way around. No one is ever forced to have an emotion. They are all chosen by the personality, so choose the emotions based on love rather than the emotions based on fear.

This is really an important matter, because fear in the Emotional Body, whether conscious or subconscious, will absolutely hold down the frequency of one's being at a level too low to make the Shift. Many times, those fears are hidden away as negative programs in the subconscious -- from traumas in previous lives or beliefs implanted during childhood by unknowing parents or teachers, etc. Consequently, the Emotional Body needs healing in most people whether they realize it or not.

The Manipura Chakra (Solar Plexus) is directly connected with the Emotional Body at the Aetheric Level, and so a hands-on type of healing can be directed at and focused on that chakra. Visualization of the cleansing and balancing and opening of that chakra can be done. If the person has some inkling or suspicion of what the negative subconscious program is, there is a technique for consciously getting rid of that program as taught by Hilarion (Lord of the Fifth Ray).

Create a 2-line poem that rhymes and states the opposite sentiment to that negative program that is playing over and over in the subconscious. Make that poem a positive affirmation, avoiding any negative words like no and not and don't and won't. At sunrise and sunset, repeat the poem aloud 21 times for 2 weeks. By that time, the subconscious will have begun to pick it up and will be repeating it, eventually replacing the negative program with the new positive one, and the fear will be removed. The subconscious loves a rhyme and remembers it more easily. Continue the vocal repetitions until you feel that the old program is gone.

Much can be written about fear, but I didn't want to lose the interest of the reader by going into too much detail. Fear may be the greatest stumbling block to progress for the Race called Mankind, and it will have no part to play in the emotional expression of those who find that they have landed in Paradise.

II. Anahata Chakra Centeredness

This one will be a necessity for making the Leap. One can simply make the choice to be expressing, in their interactions with all other life-forms (not just humans), from the heart. There is no expectancy of anything in return, and all of the following are aspects of the love impulse which moves out from the Anahata Chakra: kindness, caring, empathy, respect, gentleness, generosity, helpfulness, compassion, and a desire to give and keep on giving. The energy of love from the Soul flows into and through the 4th Chakra, what is called the Heart Center, and the more often and consistently and intentionally that is allowed and expressed, the more that the Heart Center is vivified and radiantly opened. It follows that, over time, the centeredness of expression will have been raised from the Solar Plexus Chakra below the diaphragm up to the love-suffused Anahata Chakra above the diaphragm, and The Christ will have been born in the cave of the heart.

This is the only planet of emotional expression in the galaxy. All the other sentient civilizations develope and evolve by means of the intellect, the Mental Body of being. In the New Age, the radiance of the unconditional love being emitted from this planet will influence many of the other Galactic Races to such an extent that they will begin incorporating emotions into their beingness, which is the intention and plan of The Galactic Being as impressed from yet Higher Levels. Through collectively being centered in the Heart Chakra, the Race of Humanity will have demonstrated the value of having emotions in the triangle of being, and the Galaxy and the Universe will then go on to express more love through the sentient beings who incarnate upon the Playgrounds of Creation.

III. Meditation

This is no manual for learning how to meditate. There are many teachers and books on the subject. I want to give the primary reason for meditating and its relevancy to the matters at hand. When that silence has been entered and all the workings and chatter of the lower mind of the personality have been turned off, that is when an opening appears and a channel of communication is established with the Higher Self. In that silence is It then able to reach its incarnate personality.

Initially, that channel or bridge (of Antahkarana) is briefly opened but for a short time, however, over time if consistently pursued, that channel is opened more frequently and for longer periods of time, and that is one of the principle goals not only for making the Shift but for life itself. One's true purpose in life will be revealed; guidance in all things will be provided by the Source of oneself; and true wisdom will flow from that Source. There will be a less-obstructed flow of the life-force energies into the Aetheric Body and then to the physical, and one's vibrational rate will be raised as a consequence.

IV. The Violet Flame

This transmutational tool can be very beneficial to the goals stated in this piece. Basically, this is the use of the energies of the Seventh Ray for Planet Earth in the form of a flame, and The One Who is called Saint Germain (Chohan of the 7th Ray) transforms that Seventh Ray Aspect of The Creator through His Consciousness for the benefit of all Humanity. It's use will be very prominent in the Era soon to come.

I recommend using and visualizing this Violet Flame at sunrise and sunset. In your "mind's eye", see It surrounding you and rising up through your body into the air around you. See It as clearly as you can and hold the visualization for as long as you can (for minutes). At the outset of the visualization, you must invoke this transformational force to you, and I use the following invocation: "I invoke the Violet Flame. I invoke the Violet Flame. I invoke the Violet Flame to permeate my being, to cleanse and purify and transmute all levels of myself".

This will cleanse and balance all the subtle bodies and can also help to eradicate negative subconscious programs in the Mental Body (where they reside).

V. Spinning

This is a technique for activating and balancing and increasing the flow of life-force energy through the major chakras. For those who have aetheric sight (through the Third Eye), it appears that the chakras are spinning, increasingly over time. The longer that this is practiced, the more activated the chakras become, and eventually they remain so.

Before starting the practice, check intuitively with the body to see if there are any health reasons why it should not be done. Start off slowly and build gradually, e.g. 3-5 spins at a time. Hold your right thumb out at eye level and spin clockwise, keeping your eyes on your thumb. When you finish, place your palms together and place your feet at shoulder width apart. Keep your eyes closed and continue the sensation of spinning a while longer.

Work up to 33 spins at a time. The subconscious attraction to the benefits from spinning can be seen in children at play, certain carnival rides, Tibetan Rejuvenation Rites, and the meditative techniques of the Sufis, the mystics of Islam. By increasing the flow of life-force energy through the major chakras, the frequency of one's being is elevated.

VI. Reading Spiritual Literature

This exercise will begin to expand one's awareness and, in turn, one's consciousness which is included in the goals. It focuses the attention on the more important matters of the Spirit and away from the less important, worldly matters of the Material Realm. It may trigger the personality to step onto the intended path that was planned before the incarnation. The more informed the person is about spiritual matters, the less likely that fear will be allowed to enter in.

VII. Diet

It will be a prerequisite to have a strictly vegetarian diet to be able to transition into the New Age, generally speaking. Once at the Higher Level on Earth, nevermore will the innocent animals be slaughtered for the flesh on their bodies, and nevermore will they have to fear humans for the sake of their lives. Once more there will be rapport and harmony and beautiful communications between animals and humans.

There is a heavy karmic burden upon those who raise animals for slaughter and those who work in the meat-packing industry. For those who eat the meat, which is infused with the rush of terror and desperation of the animal being slaughtered, the karma which they incur is usually worked out through physical illnesses and disease states, weakness and decrepitude, premature aging, and early death (earlier than would have occurred had not meat been eaten).

As taught by Hilarion, the liver has the capability of recycling all of the body's protein once that function has been re-awakened after the loads of concentrated protein have been stopped. For the average, heavy meat-eater in the industrialized countries of the world, a 12 to 18 month transition period is recommended to achieve a totally vegetarian diet, and the details may be gotten in the teachings of Hilarion found in the publications of Marcus Books. Once weaned from all sources of meat, the protein requirement is the equivalent of 6-8 peanuts per day and gotten from plant sources alone.

The meat-packers have deceived the world into believing that the body requires large amounts of animal protein, but it is a lie promoted by greed for money. The tens of millions of Brahmins in India are totally vegetarian in their diet and yet are as strong and healthy as any group of people. The strongest animals on the Earth eat only grasses, leaves, shoots, and grains, and their biochemistry and physiology differs little from that of humans. These include the ox, the water buffalo, the elk, the moose, the horse, the bull, and the elephant. Once eating from solely the Plant Kingdom, humans will know better health, vigor, karma, longevity, and higher frequency of being.

Fasting is suggested for 2 or 3 days every few months to eliminate the accumulated toxins by way of the lymphatic system, and a fruit-juice fast is recommended for those who have fasted little in life. The need for water increases as one's vibrational rate increases. Things to avoid include coffee, vinegar (acetic acid), refined sugar, and oil fried foods. Once into Fourth Density a ways, the food requirements will modify, and humans will go from vegetarian to fruitarian to requiring fruit juices only, and finally they will get their energy requirements solely from the Sun (The Solar Logos).

VIII. Gifts from the Plant Kingdom

A. Wildflowers (discussed in "Wildflowers" from Marcus Books, channeled from Lord Hilarion)

Gerardia -- releases the Astral Body from fear, worry, and anxiety.

Aster -- aids in adjusting to the higher frequencies of the New Age and helps to make the Shift and Transition.

Ox-eyed Daisy -- capability of opening the Wisdom Chakra at the Crown to allow direct knowing of truth.

Black-eyed Susan -- can open the Heart Chakra immeasurably to express the Christ Love.

B. Flower Essences

Bo -- stimulates the process toward enlightenment, removes chakra blockages, and stimulates the Crown Chakra.

Rosemary -- stimulates the Third Eye and the Crown Chakra and produces a state of inner peace and ecstacy.

Sunflower -- stimulates the Kundalini, opens the major chakras, and balances the yin and yang aspects within.

Lotus -- profoundly powerful, aligns all the chakras, meridians, and subtle bodies, and opens the Crown Chakra.

IX. Laughter

Keep laughing all the way through the Changes and the Tribulation (lest you cry your way through). Laughter isn't just good medicine for the body, but it is also an antidote to fear and a natural high. It produces a temporary increase in frequency of being, which, over time, will become a more lasting elevation of frequency. Bring more humor and more laughter into your life. All of The High Initiates and Ascended Masters of The Spiritual Hierarchy have very evolved senses of humor, which derives from the Joy-permeated state that characterizes Their Being.

X. Exercise

It should be appropriate to one's physical condition and done on a regular, consistent basis. It is not only good for maintaining a healthier body, but it can calm the Emotional Body and lift the Mental Body by improving the outlook. A component to exercise which is overlooked and unknown to the sciences of the Third Density is that the faster respiratory rate draws the aetheric counterpart of air into the lungs of the Aetheric Body, which is the template for the physical body. That aetheric counterpart of air contains the life-force energy which is called prana. The increased intake of prana into the Aetheric Body increases vitality and endurance. While there is a higher flow rate of life-force energy flowing through the meridians and chakras, the frequency of being is higher.

XI. Body Work

Although the different ways of working with the human body initially impact the physical and Aetheric bodies, the effects reach into the other levels of one's being, such as the Emotional and Mental Bodies, and a regular program of body work should be considered a valuable component of directing one's efforts toward making it into the Aquarian Age. Chakras and meridians can be beneficially influenced if not functioning optimally.

I give just a few examples of systems and methods that can be adopted:

Tai Chi
Acupressure -- including Reflexology
XII. Music

This art form, when used in the right way, can and does provide a temporary upliftment not only to one's spirit but vibrational rate as well. Of course, using self-discernment, only those musical forms and pieces that truly nourish and inspire and bring happiness should be allowed into one's life, and they should be listened to or sung or played on a regular basis, repetitively and frequently, for a more lasting and permanent elevation of the frequency of being. Numerous composers and musical compositions have been inspired from Higher Levels of Consciousness to offer those gifts to the Race of Man, and these can be used to approach closer to that Dawn of Everlasting Peace and Tranquility.

XIII. Chakra Balancing

This is also an important component to the program, and there are very few humans who have all of their major chakras fully functioning and opened to the life-force energy from Source and balanced in their activity with respect to each other. There are very few people who do not need some work and some help in this regard (a better understanding of the chakras may be found in "A Basic Primer On The Chakras").

Such methods can be used as the following: visualizations, meditations, hands-on work by healers, spinning, flower essences, and gemstone elixirs. The balancing should be worked from the lower to the higher chakras, and care must be taken not to force the kundalini to rise without the supervision of a master teacher. It will rise naturally in the process of chakra vivification in an ascending fashion (premature, artificial arousal of the kundalini fire may lead to serious physical and mental problems). The openness of the major chakras leads to a higher frequency of self which aids in establishing a clearer channel to the Higher Self which, in turn, brings about a higher consciousness. And that assures passage into the New Golden Age on Earth.

Closing Comment:

I offer this path and this program on behalf of The Guides and Guardians of the Human Race Who consider it critical that more humans wake up from their slumbering and set out on a course that will improve their chances for making the Dimensional Shift into the higher level of expression that is being called the New Age on Earth (in the sign of Aquarius). The nobler fraction of Humanity will be separated from the vast majority of the rest in a wrenching experience that will be felt forever in the Collective Unconscious of the Race, and the loving Benefactors of Mankind wish to minimize the numbers of souls who will be forced to repeat their eons of incarnations elsewhere at the Third Density Level of Reality.

The Era that is coming and that is approaching the horizon of human experience will be the most beautiful and harmonious and enlightened period in this planet's history, and that is reason enough for wanting to transition with the Earth and participate in the experiment of Unconditional Love for all of God's Creation (see "The New Golden Age on Earth"). The time of choosing has come, and a course has been laid out for the attainment of the goal, and I offer encouragement to stay that course on behalf of The World Teacher Who radiates Christ Love to all of Humanity, The One known as Kuthumi.

James Oliver Cyr, M.D.